Join the #PardonShez Campaign


Join the #PardonShez Campaign

October 17, 2015

Thank you for your interest in Shezanne Cassim’s efforts to get justice from the United Arab Emirates government.

More than two years ago the U.A.E. government arrested Shez, a U.S. citizen who grew up in Dubai, for creating a comedy video about youth culture that he posted on YouTube. Their claim? – that Shez had endangered the U.A.E.’s national security.

That country still has not explained how the video endangered its national security.

Worse yet, although Shez is out of prison that wrongful conviction still hangs over Shez’s head.

The UAE needs to clear Shez’s name so he can have a fresh start—and you can help.

Become part of Team Shez by signing up at left. We’ll let you know of upcoming events and how you can help win justice for Shez.

By doing so you will join the many people who believe in protecting the basic human right we call freedom of expression.

Every country makes mistakes. Responsible ones correct them.

Help demand that the U.A.E. does the right thing by Shez and his family.

Thank you.

Team Shez


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